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The National Flag of Canada: A Reflection of Its Society Throughout the 168 years of its history, Canada has been fighting to find an exclusive identity of its own. From the Confederation to the Constitution Act, from Medicare to official bilingualism, the Canadian identity has been redefined over the years through a great number of transcendent symbols. Among all the magnificent representations of our nation, the Maple Leaf Flag is the most acknowledged symbol of Canada. However, it wasn’t that publicly recognized at the time of its establishment. In fact, it was established through a six-month parliamentary debate in 1964 between the Canadian nationalists, represented by Prime Minister Lester Pearson; and British imperialists, such as the…show more content…
Because of the equal partnership it suggests, the Maple Leaf flag was the founding stone of Canada’s official bilingualism in 1968, which effectively united both English and French Canadians and prevented separatism. According to a recent poll, two out of every three Quebeckers call the flag an important symbol and a source of “pride”. Under the influences from separatists such as Parti Quebecois and Bloc Quebecois, the “bilingual” Maple Leaf Flag includes Quebeckers as a significant part of Canada and leads them to the realization of Canadian patriotism instead of Quebec nationalism. Moreover, along with Canada’s progresses to open immigration, multiculturalism has become a national policy since 1971. Among the current residents in Canada, 21% were foreign born immigrants, making Canada a melting pot of different cultures. Along with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada has truly become a “just society” that accepts diversified cultures and combines them all into a single piece of maple leaf. Nonetheless, the national flag has become a symbol that unites Canadians altogether, reflecting the elements of bilingualism and

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