Official Multiculturalism In Canada

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Official multiculturalism is imperative in Canada, as one of Canada’s defining features is the variety of cultures that form one of the world’s largest pluralistic societies. The 1970 adopted ideology, gives a sense of equal opportunity to people of different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, the policy asserts that all Canadians are at liberty to “...preserve, enhance, and share their cultural heritage.” Thus, Canadian multiculturalism policy gives culturally diverse people a sense of belonging, since the different religions and cultures combine to form Canadian culture. Therefore, under scrutiny, the Canadian Official Multiculturalism Policy is effective, in the sense that it allows people to adapt to Canadian society without feeling as if they have to change their collective or individual identity. The policy allows individuals to fully and equitably participation in all aspects of Canadian society, such as politics.…show more content…
Since there are multiple cultures surrounding one another, either cultures’ can merge into homogeneity, or one can lose his or her cultural identity by adopting another’s. Generation one children will be more susceptible to being attracted to other cultures, as they are not surrounded by their culture in all aspects of their life. These youngsters abandon their culture, for the dominating culture; if this goes on for a prolonged time period, it could result in the extinction of several cultures. In addition, when immigrants come to Canada, a multicultural society, people try to label them. However, being an immigrant, they cannot be categorized into a specific ethnic group, as well as they can never entirely “fit in”. For example, a Muslim immigrant can never be Muslim enough to the Muslims, nor can they be “white” enough for Caucasians, as some values and ideologies

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