Analysis Of Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

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In this novel Remarque talks about the struggles and realistic problems of being in the military. In writing this book Remarque received a lot of flake from the Nazi about being unpatriotic to his country. This novel also shows us the pure and utter vile disgusting parts of war; which was implemented throughout the story. In doing this Remarque made used some of his own experiences and hard times out on the battle field; because Remarque himself was a former Soldier who was wounded on the battlefield. In this story Erich Maria Remarque’s thesis is that war is nothing a than an emotionally straining event that does nothing but cause hardship to the ones involved. Also in this story he involved the proper themes and symbols. That is, displayed throughout this story. And in this paper we will discuss why this is correct thesis that Remarque had thought out this story with the facts that were displayed. In the first chapter the author sets us up for the real live hardship of war when he the narrator of the story Paul Bäumer and his group go to get their food for the day; and the cook who usually is accustomed to making a meal for 150 men wouldn’t give the men the rations of the dead men’s meal. Then, after some persuading the cook then gives the guys the food…show more content…
As in chapter three Remarque simply just goes through and helps us to better than... get to know the characters of this novel; also he introduces more characters in this chapter as well. In chapter four Remarque uses literary techniques which simply just enhance this story better as a well put together novel. Some of the words in chapter four takes away from the thesis that Remarque had explained so well in the first two chapters of this story by focusing too much on literary forms instead of just using the perfect imagery he expressed in chapters one and

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