Chinese Immigrants In Canada

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Canada is a country, which combines different groups of immigrants; Immigrants from different cultures and different countries can get along well with each others in Canada. The cause is Canada’s multiculturalism policy. The idea of multiculturalism policy is that, people from different cultures can keep their tradition and culture in Canada, which also means cultural diversity. In today’s Canada, Chinese Canadians plays an important role in Canada because today’s Chinese Canadian has a large population and every Canadian city have Chinese communities. The history of Chinese immigration is very long. The first Chinese came to Canada in the 19th century, according to, Library and Archives Canada (2005), “Between 1881 and 1884, as many as 17…show more content…
According to Li (1992), “The nature of Chinese business in Richmond, British Columbia, has undergone substantial changes between 1980 and 1990.” Chinese immigrants worth a large amount of the population in Richmond, Greater Vancouver and Markham, Greater Toronto. In Richmond, Greater Vancouver, Chinese words and advertisements are everywhere on the street. In addition, Chinese supermarkets are also clear to see. When people are walking on the street in Richmond, you can find out, Chinese people are the majority population in Richmond, and you can hear Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese everywhere in the street. It’s okay to enjoy the life in Richmond without speaking English, but Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese only. Although Chinese people live in the Western style houses and apartments in Richmond, they still speak Chinese and watch Chinese TV show and cook Chinese foods at their homes. That’s the reason why Chinese immigrants live their traditional Chinese way of life in Canada. The cause of that fact is Canada’s multiculturalism policy, which can be also called cultural diversity. Canadian government encourage immigrants keep their culture in Canada, which means people do not have to learn the modern North America people’s way of life. In contrast, Chinese immigrants in the United Stated of America do not keep their tradition fully. Immigrants have to learn how to speak English, otherwise, it’s will be really hard to be fitted in to the America’s life. Moreover, when you hear people speak Chinese in the US, normally, he or she should be an overseas student. The reason that lead to this kind of situation is that, US, government is a country with a malt pot, everyone there should or have to live in an American way, the US government does not support diversity. Nevertheless, in Canada, multiculturalism policy is successful and effective because every Chinese immigrant truly keeps his or her
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