Multicultural Education

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Introduction Topic The topic under study concerns analyzing racial inequality through integrating multicultural education while reducing the marginalization of Africa American students who have behavioral and emotional disorders in special education programs. Problem statement Ethnic and racial disparities in most of the schools have risen at an alarming rate in the special education programs. There has been an increasing disproportionate placement of the various students in the special education programs also and that is mostly in the minority students. Due to the existence of these problems, the research has to be carried out in order to address the problems. Research process There are various databases which were used in the process of…show more content…
According to Cavendish et al., (2014), the issues which are surrounding the equity-focused reforms in the public schools are disproportionate and that creates a new meaning (Cavendish et al, 2014, p. 30). Investing in the ongoing cycle of analysis in order to understand policies put into action would be effective in the creation of educational policies which are equity-oriented to protect the students. According to Johnson (2014), neighborhood and school stratification have an effect on the development of the racial stratification (Johnson, 2014, p. 210). At the school and the neighborhood level, there are racial segregation issues on the African American students. That shows that the issues of racial segregation in the minority African American groups are high and they have to be addressed…show more content…
The reasons for integration is to enable the teachers to reflect as well as acknowledge the cultural beliefs, origins as well as values and appreciate the various contributions which ethnically diverse students bring to the classroom activities. The integration of multicultural education has given the ethnic minorities a voice since their cultures are appreciated. According to Warren (2015), adoption of the various cultural perspectives helps in promoting instructional decision making in the various institutions. The various cultural perspectives help in educating the African American students since the relevance of empathy can be used in strengthening the comprehension of the teachers in order to decide what is best for tutoring the black

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