Stability In Brave New World

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In the novel, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the World State is seen as a stable utopian society for those who live in it, however the society is not actually stable as the lives of some of the main characters of the novel such as Lenina Crowne, Bernard Marx, and Helmholtz Watson completely violate the rules of stability that the society established. During a conversation Mustapha Mond, one of the World controllers states, ¨People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can't have” (Huxley 220). Mond was trying to argue that the World State was stable as the citizens have everything they could ever want and need. This is the World States’ decided measurement for the stability and successfulness of the society. However,…show more content…
Specifically, by Lenina Crowne, Bernard Marx, and Helmholtz Watson. This is because they all violate a sort of societal code that World Controller discusses with John the Savage. Lenina Crowne unconsciously wants what she can’t have: a monogamous relationship. This is shown through her refusing to be promiscuous and her want of a relationship with John the Savage. Bernard Marx can’t have what he wants: popularity. He is constantly seen as below his peers and as a “freak” due to his behaviour and appearance. Likewise, when he does gain some popularity and respect, he is quick to lose it. Lastly, Helmholtz Watson is unhappy in his life. He just wants to write meaningful works and gives up leisure time and women to do so. All of these characters undermine the stability of the society as they think different than everyone else. The so-called “stability” that the society thrives on is actually just conditioning. All of the citizens have been conditioned to be happy and satisfied with the world they live in. Except, these three are starting to realize that they aren’t so satisfied with what they have in life. If all the citizens did this, the society would fall apart. Therefore, the stability of the World State is not actually stability, but the product of years of brainwashing that is undermined by the feelings of those who live within
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