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Multicultural literature courses meet certain needs in students’ education such as teaching them about other cultures. Students can broaden their knowledge by reading about different cultures through literature. One way that teachers can educate students about different cultures and cultural groups is through counter-storytelling. Counter-storytelling is a way to get stories told that might not be heard otherwise. “Counter-storytelling is defined by article race theory scholars as a method of telling stories of those whose experiences are not often told, including people of color, the poor, and members of the LGBTQ community”(Hughes-Hassel 212). The use of multicultural literature as a tool for counter-storytelling has many benefits. Counter-storytelling helps…show more content…
By connecting students to these stories, teachers can get students more engaged with what they are learning. A book that teachers can use to encourage counter-storytelling is The Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. The book tells the story of a Native American teenager named Arnold. Arnold is encouraged by his teacher to go to a school off of the reservation so he can receive a better education. Teachers can use this book to show students the experiences Native Americans go face on reservations. The book also discusses themes such as alcoholism, suicide, and hope. The teachers can use the book to initiate a discussion about the author since the book is loosely based off of his life. The teacher can use the book to engage students with a culture they might rarely discuss or read about. Counter-storytelling engages students by allowing them to read about cultural groups they may never read about in regular literature classes. Multicultural education gives students a chance to learn about cultures and life experiences of various cultural groups such as that of Native

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