Multicultural Counseling

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My ideal future Career setting is to become a multicultural counselor. Multicultural counseling is a relatively new profession that focuses on helping culturally diverse individuals adapt and guiding them through cultural transitions. Like the traditional counseling profession, multicultural counseling aims to empower individuals and enhance their overall wellness (Erford, 2014). Therefore, the goal of my future career is to strive for client’s self-actualization. This includes concentrating on reaching clients’ full potential and making them feel good about themselves in a culturally diverse society. When I work with clients from diverse backgrounds in the future, it is crucial to increase their awareness of the power dynamics by encouraging…show more content…
A good education is essential when starting any counseling career. This includes choosing a national accredited graduate school counseling program. Courses that are specifically associated with multicultural counseling are beneficial for future multicultural counselors like myself because these advance courses explore key roles that a client’s culture, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, and other aspects of diversity play in the counseling process. Professional competence is also tied closely to advanced education. One of the ethical concerns of multicultural counseling is the lack of cultural competence among counselors. In order to avoid the potential harm and malpractice, I should maintain accurate knowledge and expertise in areas of responsibility. For example, it is commonly recognized that Asian and Western cultures originated from different philosophical and social traditions (Yan & Lam, 2000). In addition, the distinct culture value between the East and the West indicates that the traditional counseling model may not work for Asian or Asian American clients (Yan & Lam, 2000). Therefore, I should be very careful about cultural sensitivity and the cultural influences from my own culture on my clients. Hence, a professional training that comes from an accredited graduate program enhances my multicultural counseling competencies, in terms of developing high-level sensitivity
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