Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

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A Crude And Vituperative Being Choices define who we are as a person and mine most certainly have. When asked which was perhaps the most pivotal, I can easily answer: band, choosing to take band has shaped my life. Yet, I can see the struggle of Dr. Jekyll depicted in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson that depicts the decision between what a person is socially expected to desire and what in reality they yearn for as depicted through my experiences in band. To begin, in the novel, Dr. Jekyll is expected to yearn for friendship and moral solidarity. This is clearly depicted as Dr. Jekyll pleads to Mr. Utterson that, “I only ask for justice; I only ask you to help him for my sake, when I am no longer here”…show more content…
Jekyll yearns for a more monstrous and dark set of decisions that society would balk at. It is these dark intentions that are reflected in Mr. Hyde’s crude demeanor that marked him as “...a really damnable man” (4). This depiction of Mr. Hyde shows the depth of Dr. Jekyll’s corruption and his intense desire for dark deeds contracts the aforementioned constraints placed on Jekyll by society. In my life the reality of what band became was much like the monster that Mr. Hyde became known as; a crude and vituperative being. This may seem rather absurd, but as I entered high school, band reared its true face, it’s Hyde. During marching band, staff members would yell unnecessarily at students for the smallest mistake, claiming that it was “educational” to call students worthless and cuss to their faces day in and day out. In one instance a staff member yelled at the band for thirty straight minutes after a football game for not performing to his standards, cussing multiple times, telling us we needed to quit if we kept performing like this, telling us over and over again how worthless we all are. And if the yelling wasn’t enough the broken promises are enough to drive a person mad. One such instance of these lies I remember rather poignantly, last year after auditions for band my teacher told me that I would still be the section leader for the next year. Then, the next year, turns around and says there will be separate auditions for section leader,
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