Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: A Literary Analysis

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Dark and light is a constant reoccuring comparison to show the difference between positive and negative, good and evil. In The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, the street is indicative of the interchangeable personalities known as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The setting of the street would be an accurate representation of Jekyll and Hyde. The respectable character of Jekyll shows some intriguing differences between himself and his persona, Hyde. In many ways these two dispositions vary showing signs similar to those of someone with a personality disorder, except in this case Jekyll not only changes mannerisms but faces as well. One of the town's most meritorious men, Dr. Jekyll, shows attributes comparative to those of the invulnerable daytime street. Present in many scenes, the street can…show more content…
In comparison Dr. Jekyll is the light in situations as he has done no wrong in the eyes of the public. A comparative to the light and dark street would be the Chinese Tao. Also known as the Yin Yang, the Chinese Tao represents good and evil. Hyde being the evil would be the dark black portion, which represents negativity. Jekyll being the favorable character would be the light white portion which represents positivity. The street during the day would also represent white as there it is the better half whereas the black portion would be the street at night. In the Yin Yang there is a bit of negative on the positive side and likewise, which in terms of the street would be the fact that no matter what, it is still the same street, therefore there is a part of positivity in the negative portion and negativity in the positive portion. With Jekyll and Hyde, the small parts of the opposing color could represent how Hyde is a part of Jekyll and Jekyll a part of Hyde. While they are complete opposites, they still have bits of one another

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