Henry Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

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Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case Written from Jekyll's perspective he explains how his whole life he has felt as if he had led a double life. One part of him was innocent and pure, but then he had a dark side and he often felt guilty for his indecent ways. Then he became interested in the science of divided nature in hopes to find a solution to his own problems. He then sates he found a potion that would separate the good ad evil natures. He took the potion and felt pain however once the pain had faded he felt vigorous and filled with recklessness. WHO WAS HYDE? Mr. Hyde represented all the evil and sin that Jekyll had repressed over his life time. He appeared grotesque to sight and was very short in height. Jekyll came to the…show more content…
Hyde as the perfect outlet to his evil ways. Now he has the opportunity to live two lives and not feel guilty about his indecencies. He finally felt free from the inner struggle he had become accustomed to. He was finally in control of both his evil and good side. Many would say Jekyll was mad but really he was brilliant. He found a way for him to finally live normally, and that is why he was fascinated by Hyde because for once in his life he didn't feel the need to hide his ways he was free to express himself and break free of the restraints. Unfortunately he became so obsessed with his other half that he lost control and Mr. Hyde was able to appear whenever he pleased. This ultimately led to the down fall of Dr.…show more content…
Jekyll was a very wise man, however he had a fatal flaw. That flaw was his obsession with the dark side, and it was because of this intense fascination that caused his downfall. Addiction plays a major role in this novella. “My devil had been long cage, he came out roaring.” (71) All his life he repressed his evil ways however once he found a way to no longer feel guilty about those ways he jumped at the chance disregarding the possible consequences. It isn't that he did not think that anything could go wrong it was more that he didn't care. Mr. Hyde was an outlet for Jekyll his passage to the dark side, and it was because of his obsession that Hyde became so powerful that Jekyll could no longer maintain control over his dark intentions. Jekyll had lack of self-control and was because of that, that he lost total control. He was addicted to the rush that being Hyde gave him and ultimately he cause his own downfall, Jekyll went wrong the minute he continued to take the potion multiple times because he was unsatisfied with his own life. He got a taste of the dark side and quickly became an addict who spiraled out of control. This is where he reached the point of no return. If he would have stopped taking the potion after the first time he tried it he never would have unleashed the beast named Hyde. He continued to abuse the power of being able to have a split personality that it went to the point of him not being able to stop and rewind. Hyde become too powerful and with

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