Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Character Analysis

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In the first lessons of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you get a glimpse of both Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s life. Dr. Jekyll seems to have many close friends from Mr. Utterson to Mr. Lanyon. He throws over the top dinner parties every so often, but he also loses strength and gets sick as well. Mr. Hyde is new in town and is staying with Dr. Jekyll, but Mr. Utterson gets a strange vibe by him. Mr. Hyde is supposed to get Dr. Jekyll’s will, but Mr. Utterson Dr. Jekyll’s friend and lawyer thinks that Mr. Hyde is blackmailing his dear friend into getting his will. Physically Dr. Jekyll is a very handsome man and, but when it comes to the topic of Mr. Hyde he gets very uncomfortable. “The large handsome face of Dr. Jekyll grew pale and to the very lips, and there came a blackness about his eyes.” During this quote, Mr. Utterson was talking to his friend because he came across the idea that Mr. Hyde was blackmailing him. Now, Dr. Jekyll is a very social man and he can’t have that someone is blackmailing him go around the neighborhood, so he tells Mr. Utterson that nothing is going on and he doesn’t need help with the problems he faces with Mr. Hyde.…show more content…
Utterson thinking that Mr. Hyde is blackmailing his friend is because Dr. Jekyll wasn’t the nice social man he is in the story. He has done some bad things in his early childhood and Mr. Utterson feels that he is being blackmailed for one of them. Soon Mr. Utterson figures out that if he digs up some dirt on Mr. Hyde that whatever he has done is much worse then Dr. Jekyll he even states that “it would make Dr. Jekyll’s problems seem like sunshine to whatever darkness Mr. Hyde has in his
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