Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

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In Victorian society people wanted to be a gentlemen or at least act like a gentlemen. They were against the idea of sex and aggression by Sigmund Freud, his idea made them think that because they thought they were better than that so they repressed their inner needs. They had high stakes and morals in the victorian society but not everyone could repress because of the greed. In “ Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson's, he created a story where a scientist transformed his Id into savage like being, leading it to Mr. Hyde. This led to this because of the morals in the Victorian society, the character Dr. Jekyll didn't want to ruin his reputation as a scientist, so his Id, Mr. Hyde was doing all the dirty work for…show more content…
Following up to Dr. Jekyll from “ The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” , Stevenson wrote “For two good reasons, I will not enter deeply into this scientific branch of my confession. First, because I have been made to learn that the doom and burthen of our life is bound for ever on man's shoulders, and when the attempt is made to cast it off, it but returns upon us with more unfamiliar and more awful pressure. “ ( Stevenson 62). Examining this quote, it brings back the idea of repressing led to other consequences. In this, Dr. Jekyll believed repression lead to other consequences worse than Mr.Hyde’s actions. Putting this into Victorian society, the people who repressed their Id was only making it stronger as their life goes on. Putting it at this Dr. Jekyll evil thoughts made Mr. Hyde more dangerous because he was repressing too much and as a result it isn't good to repress too much. “ At that time my virtue slumbered; my evil, kept awake by ambition, was alert and swift to seize the occasion; and the thing that was projected was Edward Hyde” (Stevensons). Dr.Jekyll's actions was followed by evil thoughts leading to even worse actions which was Mr. Hyde. Sometimes the actions are followed up by what family you were born into or what society you were born into making it put more pressure on yourself
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