Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Character Analysis

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It is something nearly everyone can relate to, the unfortunate downfall of oneself or loved ones. Helplessly watching a friend or family member completely transform into a stranger can become an inevitable part of life. Addiction is a treacherous pathway that some end up stumbling down. This unfortunate decline is demonstrated in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Throughout the course of the novel, the once promising life of Dr. Jekyll quickly degrades. Dr. Jekyll reveals sure signs of addiction through his lack of interaction with others, his increasingly strong desire to become Mr. Hyde, and loss of control in his life. First, Dr. Jekyll initially reveals signs of addiction by his decreased interaction with those around him. Originally, Dr. Jekyll is a wealthy, well respected man, with close friends such as Dr. Lanyon and Mr. Utterson. However, once he discovers the formula that transforms him into Mr. Hyde, his dark urges can be carried out, while keeping his own soul pure. Within a year, Dr. Jekyll…show more content…
Jekyll loses control of his life. Dr. Jekyll reaches a point where he spontaneously turns into Mr. Hyde, even without use of the potion. His ability to control the transformation is lost, and his sense of discipline diminishes. Dr. Jekyll realizes what is coming in his near future, the complete takeover of Mr. Hyde. Realizing the faults of his addiction, Dr. Jekyll submits to defeat: “Here, then, as I lay down the pen, and proceed to seal up my confession I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end” (54). The once successful man dwindles into a mere shadow of his former self. Anyone who has seen someone struggle with addiction can admit to the extreme changes they undergo. Addiction grabs ahold and can degrade even the smartest, kindest of people. Dr. Jekyll represents an addict due to his complete lack of control in his life due because of the
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