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Lloyd Hotel is first largest 1-5 star-room hotel has experienced hundreds-years history. However, the company is subject to various environmental laws and regulations, costs associated with which could be significant and may be material to the results of operations in the period in which they are recognised. Strengths Lloyd hotel products hold value between price and quality. Products include hundreds of rooms, four food and beverage outlets, twelve function venues, spa and facilities, the five-star standard, upgraded to a thought development. Have a strong marketing Lloyd hotel brand industry "luxury" and "elegant". Concept is through the media, including social media was closely to increase positive brand awareness. More than 400 employees…show more content…
Classic room hasn't been updated these administrative room decoration of the room are all the same size is outdated and not the same as other products offered by 5 star standard. The hotel does not provide parking for guests or staff in addition to the valet parking. The location of the city makes it expensive to park nearby buildings. Public transportation is limited. In the process of performance management is limited. Short-term management is a powerful recognition program, but the lack of the annual review/promotion activities, the quantitative target of the future. Lloyd hotel limits its market is not yet available wireless network in the entire hotel. Technology improves the guest satisfaction and…show more content…
Brand can be defined as a specific name, term, sign, symbol, or design used by companies to distinguish its products from its competitors (Czinkota et al., 1998). Most of the international tourists heard that foreign brands or visit Lloyds hotel. Positive brand image can influence the decision-making process of the customers and build customer loyalty Lloyd hotel. According to Kasper et al. (1999), location (place) is a physical site service delivery processes. Lloyd hotel set it the main traffic road in the east of Amsterdam. General manager thinks that good location is a great element of success. Lloyd hotel occupied the main advantage in location factors. Product or service quality depends on the characteristics of the customer's perception of the degree of excellence (Gaither, 1992). Quality is a key issue in the marketing, the serious influence the customer satisfaction (Kasper et al., 1999). Customers are more likely to stay in a variety of choose budget

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