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MUSICAL ART OF MOZART, HAYDEN AND BEETHOVEN THEIR SYLE OF MUSIC Great composer Wolfgang Mozart was the first who write music for that instrument which had only just become popular at that time and is known as Piano. Mozart compose almost each and every type of music like solo concerts, operas, symphonies, chamber music with specialty in string quintets and string quartets, and the famous one piano sonata.[ "Andante in C major, K.1a (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)".21 April 2014] Another legend Joseph Haydn was the prolific composer of Austria of Classical period and the prominent one. He contributed a lot for the chamber music and its development, like piano trio and due to his contributions to musical form he was also called as "Father of the…show more content…
Mozart learn piano from his father Leopold Mozart, who was the experienced teacher and also the minor composer. J Haydn was born in Rohrau, Austria, at that time Roharu stood on the border of Hungary. His father was Mathias Haydn, who was a wheelwright who also served as "Marktrichter", mayor’s office. It was his parents who had noticed that their son was not the ordinary boy but musically gifted and also knew that in their village he would have no chance to get any success in music. Due to this they accepted a proposal from Johann Matthias Frankh who was their relative; a schoolmaster in Hainburg, and Haydn became the student to Frankh in his home and learnt music. All the compositions which Beethoven wrote in his period can be generally characterized as the composer's attempt to master the classical music language of that period. We can easily divide his work into two periods, based on the Beethoven residence. Firstly, Beethoven wrote many juvenalia, when he was in Bonn and heavily obliged to the great works of contemporaries, especially for Mozart and his teacher, Christian Gottlob

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