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Background I chose to compare the two works of Mozart and Beethoven in different movements above as Mozart usually has the first movement of his symphonies quite striking and likeable whereas Beethoven likes his fourth movement to end heroically and very striking. Therefore I will compare the two works from the two composers mentioned above with relation to their heroic movements. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a prolific composer of the classical era. Ludwig van Beethoven is a German composer and pianist. One of Beethoven’s most famous symphonies is Symphony No.5. I will be comparing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No.40 in the first movement with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the fourth movement with. Beethoven, also contributed to the Romantic…show more content…
Mozart was a definite composer of the Classical era and Beethoven was more of a composer during the end of the Classical Era and he bought about the beginning of the Romantic Era which had more emotion and feeling. Mozart and Beethoven generally used different instruments in their compositions and in Mozart’s time, he would add instruments such as clarinets to his orchestra whereas in Beethoven’s time those instruments became standard orchestral instruments and Beethoven added other interesting instruments such as the piccolo and trombone. Beethoven also contributed heavily to the orchestra as he increased the size and range of the orchestra and in comparison; Mozart’s orchestras were of a much smaller size. Overtime composers spent many hours composing their work and this can be seen because Beethoven would spend many months or years designing his compositions in books as opposed to Mozart who composed in a short period of time with very little…show more content…
The first theme can represent quite a dark and intense mood however the second subject has a more lyrical and relaxed mood. Throughout the exposition, there is also a bridge and second theme, which are both based on the idea of the main theme, however the second theme (see below) is a contrast to the first theme and it is also in a new key, namely B flat major. This is similar to Beethoven’s exposition in his fourth movement of his fifth symphony. Beethoven’s first theme is in the key of C major and it provides a bridge where the key moves to G major. In the first subject Beethoven also extends the range of the orchestra by having a very high E in the piccolo and a low C in the contrabassoon and this also tends to create excitement within the orchestra. The first theme of the fourth movement is played by the trumpets which are different to what Mozart uses to bring out his first theme (the strings). The bridge, however, from the first theme is played by the horns and violins and this can clearly represent a more variety of instruments used by

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