How Did Culture Influence Greek Culture And Society

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It all began during the Hellenic Period, which is also called Classical Greece. This time lasted about 200 years, from 4th century to 5th century B.C. There are many things that have aided the way that Greek culture and society is now, but what were those things that helped Greece become the country it is today? The answer to that is- a lot of things have helped. Needless to say, the Classical Greece culture has made numerous contributions to Western Civilization. For example, it has made effects on Greek art, sports, sexual identity, and slavery. All in all, they all came together to play a big part in the development of Greece culture and society. Although fine arts now a days are very important, I do not believe that they are as important as they were during the Hellenic Period. Fine arts during this period have in fact, have one of the most massive impact on the Greek culture; areas like sculpture and architecture were two of the main type of arts. Greek architecture slowly developed from building communities during the Dark Age, to building the most significant temples during the Classical period. Just like there were regular everyday architecture, there was also some very essential religious…show more content…
It was just as common in Greece as it was in any other societies. Citizens in Athens were known to own at least one slave. Unlike other places, a household slave was usually a servant for the family. They were often treated with plenty respect, and were actually treated like part of the family. Not all slaves are householders, and not all slave owners were the same. It all truly depended on the character of the slaves’ owner. Some female domestic slaves were physically abused and were forbidden from being by the children. All slaves were always being supervised by main woman of the household. Males who were slaves, would often work in the industrial parts of Greece, on ships that were at

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