Why I Want To Go To College

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As a young boy I wanted to be just like the rest of my family,I wanted to go to school in South Carolina, get a house,car and well that's about it. However as I grew older I began to notice the different deficiencies in this lifestyle.For instance, I will be the third grandchild out of eighteen grandchildren go to college. Furthermore I will be the first person in my family to go to a public university. In North Carolina I have been offered a plethora different educational opportunities, I have been surrounded by teachers who care and motivate me to do better and lastly, I have blessed with a proactive school counselor who cherishes all of her pupils. And so throughout my life I have vigorously tried to convince myself of what my true passion was,whether it was being a Doctor, lawyer, or a policeman.However after much evaluation I have found my true passion, School counseling. I am very passionate about counseling because it brings a certain motivation that some children will not receive at home, it shows students that they…show more content…
As a result of there being two types of students the ones who get it usually are the one who are more carefully watched as the ones who don't get it are allowed to slip through the cracks.Ultimately as one is allowed to slip through the cracks of the educational system it tends to weigh one's overall confidence. It weighs down the confidence you have of you as a student, it weighs down the confidence you have concerning your importance in the classroom and it weighs down the confidence you have when it comes to getting a job and going to college. As a result of the heavy loads many students must bear, there is great need for a paladin. One who must help aid in defeat the of the evilous strains of life.Additionally as school counselor I will not only encourage the confidence in one's intelligence but also one's creativity and

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