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Substance Abuse and Adlerian Therapy Substance abuse is the dependence of an addictive substance such as alcohol or drugs. Adlerian theory is a holistic view of an individual and focuses in their beliefs, goals, and their perception of reality. This type of therapy involves teaching, informing, and most of all encouraging the individual. In my opinion this type of therapy and theory would be beneficial for someone seeking substance abuse counseling. It may not be for every individual with substance abuse problems but I think overall Adlerian Therapy may help many people with this type of disability. In Adlerian therapy there are four phases and techniques that are often used. Phase 1 is establishing a proper therapeutic relationship between the counselor and the client. It is important for the counselor to make person to person contact with the client and create a positive relationship by listening, responding, and exhibiting hope and caring. In this phase the counselor must provide support and work with the client in helping define their own personal goals. Phase 2 in Adlerian therapy assisting people with substance abuse is exploring the individual’s psychological dynamic. This stage is important in understanding the client’s identity. Subjective interviews help clients tell their life story as complete as possible.…show more content…
In this phase clients are encouraging to challenge and take risk and make changes in their lives. Counselors help clients gain courage and connect to strengths inside themselves, to others, and life. In Adlerian therapy there is encouragement in all phases of the therapeutic process. “Encouragement is the process of increasing the courage needed for a person to face difficulties in life.” When a person is aware of their strengths they are able to feel like they belong and are not alone. Counselors assist clients to focus on their strengths and to have faith that they are able to make life

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