The Pros And Cons Of Grief Counseling

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Grief is a normal human reaction and grief counselors believed that everyone who experiences and express grief in their own way. Different people may react differently and have different needs when experiencing grief. Grief counseling may not be necessary to everyone who experienced loss as some people may be able to cope with that grieving emotions by themselves after certain period of time. On the other hand, grief counseling is necessary to those who are so disable by the grief (Robert, N. 1998). Some people may suffer very deeply from the grief or traumatic experience which grief counseling may not be able to help, grief therapy with clinical tools may applied under those situations. Grief is something that everyone experiences and people…show more content…
They may become difficult or unable to carry on with their regular daily duties while saddled with their sense of loss. According to McKissock & McKissock (1985), there are some basic principles about bereavement: - It is normal and healthy to express intense and painful emotions relating to loss - Grieving is important for healing the wound of…show more content…
Negative consequences may arise if grief is handle in a inappropriately way and it can affect different aspects of a person in both physically and psychologically. Nightmare, insomnia, suicidal intension and inability to concentrate are some of the physical effects which caused by the PGD. Low self-esteem, depression, feeling of guilt or shame and panic attract are some of the psychological effect. A person's social life may also be influenced by mishandling the grief such as decrease in performance in work or school, avoidance in social life and withdrawal from loved one (Addition hope 2013). We are going to explore two situations with one that grief counseling is necessary and how grief counseling helps a person cope with the experience loss and the other situation that grief counseling is not really necessary, with other means to help a person to adjust to the loss. Situation

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