How Did Italian Influence Table Manners

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When talking about the influence that Italy brought to France, it mostly included 2 parts: pastry and table manners. Italy influenced France’s table manners included 3 parts: the serving order, table setting and manners while eating. The first influence is the appeal of the fork, fork came to France with Catherine de Médicis when Catherine de Médicis married to HenriⅡfrom Venice and Florence, but not until 1574 to 1589 that fork became popular. Alfred Gottschalk once said in his book Histoire de l’alimentation et de la gastronomie depuis la préhistoire jusqu à nos juors “People found that if they don’t want to mess their clothes, using a fork will be quite convenience”. Later, the definition of elegant was to avoid touching food while being guest. Another thing that had been brought to France is faïence (similar to china). From renaissance, there will be at least three round dishes in every banquet (two round main dishes, one round dessert), but not until the later medieval age that the number of the round was not fixed, it can also be four round to six round according to what the host want. In that period of time, the order of serving…show more content…
In French banquet, where you sit reflects your social status. Sitting in the center of the table means that when other guests that want to reach the other side dishes they need you to help them, so it means they need you, they flatter you, they respect you and they will realize that your power and authority. This kind of rule enhances the host power, because he will arrange where his guests will sit. The guest that was arranged to sit just near the host only needs to respect traditional table manners and then he can gain considerable interest from distributing dishes. Moreover, the guest was granted with charisme (charisma of a leader), which was the source of authority, and it was a kind of grace that makes people talk and laughing without turning a hair and out of the

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