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The Top 20 Most Populated Cities in the World There are many different kinds of people in every country. And in every country, it is composed of different small and large cities with countless number people living in it. This people have distinct behavior and ways of life. They follow different religions but they have the same culture in one city. As of now, as the year addends, the world population also increases due to high birth rate compared to the number of mortality rates. Before we tackle the most populated countries in the world, let us know first what is population and city. What is Population? Population is the total number of people of the same race who lives in a certain area or city and is capable of multiplying. The branch of science which tackles the statistical study of human populations is called Demography. What is a City? City is the…show more content…
The city can be perceived as a vessel where skills and resources are focused: the enhanced city is to focus its skills and resources, the further successful and powerful the city. Most Populated Cities in the World Below are the top 20 with the most populated cities in the world. This data population figures are from the 2014 census. This data refers to the urban accumulation which would also sum the neighboring urban zones in the total. 1. Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo is the most populated city the world with the total population of 37, 833, 000. It is one of the 47 states of Japan, and the capital and the largest city of Japan. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populated metropolitan area in the world. It is the base of the Emperor of Japan and Japanese government. Tokyo is located in the Kantō area on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. It is formerly known as “Edo”, Tokyo has been made a headquarter in 1603 by Shogun Tokugawa

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