The Pros And Cons Of Richard Nixon's Politics

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Richard Nixon was an introvert in the extoverted calling od a politician. And if that was not a problem for Nixon, he was an intellectual appeal to an audience that puts low value on eggheads. I do not mean an intellectual in the stereotypical sense of seclusion scholar; I think that Nixon was a highly intelligent man who left a large extent on your own intelligence and that of others, of a considerable ability to read and understand technical papers in a room alone and wrote by hand on a yellow notepad his great speeches, he impressed the staff with his ability to impartially evaluate the pros and cons of an issue that, to the head of US Federal Reserve, in the opinion of Arthur Burns, whom he appointed, could have "held down a chair in political…show more content…
It is easy to say, and it is often said that Nixon came clean about Watergate in the beginning when he had no direct responsibility, the thing would have blown over quickly and he would have survived. That may be true, but it ignores the fact that Richard Nixon in 1972 could not have come clean. What actual excesses or even crimes he might have believed he had to cover up are still a matter of speculation; but with his view of life as a struggle and crisis as a challenge to prove its determination as its value, especially for himself, his consequent inability to "give up" and to show his dislike, weakness, as well as his belief that by the "personal power of good" at any level could be scaled - after all these reasons, it would have been impossible for Nixon to do anything but fight back, stand fast, "stonewall" his

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