Independence Day Film Analysis

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Back in 1996, director Roland Emmerich, the one who has later honed his skills in crafting typical blockbusters which exploited overwhelming and epic spectacles to compensate for their screenplay’s corny flaws, brought to us one plain amusing yet still emotionally fulfilling Independence Day. Viewers were satisfied in terms of straightforward entertainment with an intelligible plot, blasting airfighters and don’t forget that gigantic alien spaceship which blows up The White House, but what got a hold on our minds were the central characters, even cliché at best, still managed to impress in their own dramatic moments. Since then, Independence Day is mentioned as a lot of people’s guilty pleasure, while leaving us enough chance for a sequel someday.…show more content…
Perhaps Deadpool’s Colossus was right all along, even with a life full of mistakes and taedium vitae, one could burst out with heroism by just 4 or 5 moments worthy of proving themselves like the way the previous film managed to accomplish with Colonel Hiller, Levinson, and President Whitmore. Those moments should feel earned through captivating build-ups leading to blasts of character-defining decisions, but since the only one who makes us feel invested enough is Jeff Goldblum’s, the effort presented by actions and dialogues fell short of its initial goals. For all one knows, the idea about Resurgence without Will Smith and with a lackluster cast of young people prevents the movie to lay foundation for a fresh, light-hearted atmosphere in hours of apocalyptic judgments. Or maybe the dark and gritty ambience, demonstrated by the film’s color palettes, already carries with itself a more solemn vibe than before, spread throughout the humankind after losses and losses. Independence Day: Resurgence possibly indulged moviegoers who sought out standard summer blockbuster, on the condition that they had a grip on this sequel’s background knowledge from the ‘96 film. However, for who already fell in love with charismatic and enthralling personification, as well as the excitement and despair, happiness and anger they convey through the energetic frontline of humankind under almost impending doom, Resurgence went down swinging in its quest to live up to the two-decade

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