Moral Philosophy Of Abortion

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A moral philosophy called Judith Jarvis Thomson, first came up with “A Defense of Abortion” in 1971.When it comes to argument of the right to life,According to experiments, he argue that fetus has the right to life though the pregnant woman's right to control her own body.He disagree that abortion is morally impermissible. Long time ago,abortion,was considered in the context of gender selection,family planning,population control.First and foremost,almost every family want to have a child who gender is male,such being the case,If the pregnant woman has a fetus which is a girl, there will be more likely to go to an abortion.In addiction,with the growth in population, many women will be pregnant with a second child was forced to have an…show more content…
It is reported that after Michael Jackson died, many of his fans can not accept the fact and they committed suicide later.So,if you save the violinist's life,you may save some of his fans' life.Also,you have nothing to lose.Besides,we should not stand calmly by while another is drowning.Especially,there is no more people can help.On the other hand,you have your own choice to make the decision,to help or not to help.Needless to say,nine months is a long time.First,you will lose nine months of freedom,you can not go out,you can not do whatever you want to do.You will stay on the bed for nine months long,it sounds like a nightmare.Morally,you can totally leave and it's none of your business.What really matter is we can't judge the right and wrong of one thing from one…show more content…
Because carry a baby deeply affect a women's life, in order to let the little thing alive, women must pay a lot of energy, time and money, even risking life danger to the child was

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