Women In The Movie Khamosh Paani

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It’s an old story, which happened in the end of 1946, created havoc between two states, India and Pakistan that took the cries of the Hindu and the Muslim daughters. The country’s emotional cord was on the verge division, they took the different names of the same god (Allah, Waheguru, Vishnu, etc.) and kept spilling the blood of innocent lives. The innocent lives, which didn’t even know Hindu and Muslims were two different religions, became the victims of anger, hatred and cruelty, where women and children were the main victims that came under the thrust of fire. There are no exact estimates, but it is said that millions of people from both the countries lost their lives. The official estimate of women abducted were, 50,000 Muslim women of…show more content…
The girl manages to save her life by escaping from her family, but then she is caught by the Muslim community and is raped by them. When left alone, to get over this remorseful act, the man proposes her for marriage; Ayesha when left alone decides it to be as the best way to lead her life. Even when she gets the option to go back to her roots to her country (India) she decides not to and commits a suicide in the same well, from where she had escaped in her childhood. The society, family, religion, communities forced the woman to sacrifice her life. It is totally true that the familial ideology fused with the nationalist discourse is suppressing the women. The fear of being ostracized and losing dignity forces the families to sacrifice the life of their daughters, sisters or wives. The Hindu women prefer not going back to their families after being abducted by the Muslims preferred not to go back to their families when they got the option because of the thought process that now who will marry them or who will accept them as daughter, a woman said, “the family which disowned me I will never go back to them.” But if we look at the mentality of Muslim, they were ready to accept their daughters, in this situation the women didn’t find themselves impure. The Muslim were not

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