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The authority and legitimacy of modern nation states has come under a severe challenge as a result of rising trends in terrorism. Confronted with one of the most brutal forms of violence, a suitable or adequate response to terrorism is still to be framed, even as a proper context of evaluation and a sufficient understanding of its causation and methodology remain elusive. The uniqueness of terrorism lies in its complex inner dimensions, its continuous and rapid adaptations, and its wide variations across different theatres. Significantly, the transformation of terrorism over the past twenty years has been startling, with rising anxiety over its burgeoning lethality. Traditionally, terrorism was considered to be a coercive tactic, sometimes adopted as part of a larger guerrilla strategy, in that actions created threats of worse to come if political demands were not met, and these demands tended to be geared to ending foreign occupation or to securing the objectives of a secessionist movement.1 The rise of modern terrorism, however, has been far more complex, tied to diverse ideological and political goals, and often astounding in the scale of violence and the ambitions of its practitioners. The weapons used in the modern terrorist attacks have grown deadlier and far more accurate than the archaic guns and daggers of the…show more content…
Based on the recommendations of Justice Rowlatt, Chairman of the Committee appointed to curb seditious movements in India, the Rowlatt Act, also known as the Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act, was passed in 1919, giving unbridled powers to the colonial Government to arrest and imprison suspects without trial and crush civil liberties. The violent movement was blunted in the 1930s by the tough regulations passed by the Government, including the Constitutional Reforms of

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