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Evangelical Protestant which includes Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostalism has long been the heart of Southern religious culture. The South is known as the Bible belt because it has, for a long time, been known as the part of the country with the most religious people on the planet. Ideologically, the South is a distinct because of the multitude of religion it displays. Forms of religions identified within the South are Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism that has been dispersed over the nation. Evangelical protestant includes denominations such as Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal, but in the South, the most church going population is Baptist. This makes the majority of the southern states a Southern Baptist. Baptist churches…show more content…
They called it Southern Baptist because the Baptist church dominates the whole region. The proliferation of the Baptist church began around the 17th century. Robert William was the founder of the first Baptist church in the Providence of Rhode Island in 1639( The creation of the first Baptist allowed many colony churches to be reunited; therefore there were an increase in places of worship. According to the article Sacred land, Presbyterians first brought the evangelical gospel to the south but, due the excessive demand of recruiting educated evangelists, the Baptists took advantage of the spiritual doctrine and practice that had been brought by the Presbyterian to make a great start in the regions. As a result, the Baptists were very successful and mainly dominated the South by doubling memberships national wide. The ideas of forming associations and denominations have contributed to the existence of many church foundations. First, the Philadelphia Baptist Association was created in Pennsylvania in 1707(Stanonis, “Sacred Land”). Associations soon represented a common part of the organizational structure of Baptist churches. With the creation of many associations and denominations, the Baptist religion most dominated the South. In particular, Baptists strongly believes in Calvinist discipline and independence; therefore, they were mixing with and giving away separatist.…show more content…
Four society-type bodies were organized outside of the Convention between 1845 and 1891 to support these ministries ( One of the society-type bodies is Southern Baptist Publication Society organized in 1847. The second society-type body is the Southern Baptist Sunday School Union in 1857. Neither of these bodies that were formed survived the Civil War (Baker, 11). In 1859, the third society-type body which is the Education Convention opened the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Greenville, South Carolina. The seminary was forced to close during the Civil War but, reopened at a new location in Louisville, Kentucky in 1877 (Baker, 11). The fourth organization developed outside of the board structure was the Woman's Missionary Union: Auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention (Baptist After many years of activities on the local and state levels, in 1888, Southern Baptist women formed a region wide organization, with Annie W. Armstrong as the first executive secretary (Baker, 17). In the following three years, this organization demonstrated its deep commitment to

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