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The word Rede means to advice or to counsel someone. This could be directing someone on how they should act or should not act, or what is the set of acceptable rules, regulations or values. It is related to the German word ‘Rat/raten’, which has the same meaning (to advice or counsel). It is also similar to the Dutch ‘Rede’, which means ‘to reason’. Interestingly the Wiccan Rede, did not exist from the beginnings of Wicca. In fact Gerald Gardner, commonly regarded as the father of the modern Wicca did not mention the Rede in his initial works. The first mention of the essence of the belief ‘to harm none’ is in Gardner’s third book in 1959. Many scholars also believe that the Rede is based on Law of Thelema created by Aleister Crowley (also known as “Book of Law”). In 1961, in his book on Craft Laws, Gardner talks about the need to only use magic in a positive way. However, his reason is to prevent further witch hunts. As witches are blamed for any bad that happens to people, and there were not many left, he warns not to use magic against anyone. As Rede is associated with advice on how to use magick and law, it can be also connected to the…show more content…
Neopagan religions refer to modern re-establishment of some ancient pagan religions. Rede is mainly followed by Wicca and Asatru. Asatru refers to the German Neopaganism which is focused on various German deities. The Wiccan Rede as discussed through in the history section above gives Wiccans the set of rules which must be followed. The longer version, in the form of a poem is an explanation of how to follow the basic eight words Rede. The basic rule of harming nobody is used by both forms of Neopagans. It is the interpretation or explanation of the basic eight words which differs between the Wicca and the Asatru version. Since we established that Rede is a guideline for ethics. The rules on what is right and what is wrong are found in every religion. This is the basis for the

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