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Ever since I was young, I grew up playing sports and constantly being active. Although I do not play organized sports today, I enjoy staying active by running and golfing. Physical fitness and a healthy diet are things that have always been important to me and a big part of my life. Before arriving to Italy, I was unsure if it was normal for people to go outside for a run, or what the Italian diet consisted of. I imagined loads of pasta and bread at every meal, and in order for the Italians to stay so thin they would have to work out a lot, right? Well, after living here for almost 2 months and speaking with a local about Italian exercise and diet, I was surprised at what I have learned. In the United States, many people have the mindset of eating healthy and being physically fit. Physical activity to Americans can be a…show more content…
Even in America, there are different views of a healthy diet. For example, some people believe being vegan is the healthiest, whereas others think vegetarian is the healthiest. After reading “Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication,” I realized that I had been stereotyping the Italian culture by thinking they only eat carbs (Bennet, M.J.). Whenever I eat at an Italian restaurant in the states it is always pasta and pizza, but I failed to look pasted the stereotypes and just believed it is all they eat here. I asked Jennifer what a typical diet was like for her and other Italians. She told me that they have a very light breakfast which typically consists of a pastry and espresso. For lunch, a simple plate of pasta, a salad, or a simple meat dish always followed by fruit at the end. As for dinner, this is usually their biggest meal of the day. They will make pasta, meats, vegetables, and always have fruit at the end of dinner as well. But, if they ate pasta at lunch, they won’t eat it at dinner and vice
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