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Mongolian Grill: Case Analysis Curtis Thompson Background Information The Mongolian grill is a restaurant that focused on creating a unique Mongolian dining experience. In order to create this dining experience they did many things that typical restaurants did not offer. Things like allowing customers to watch chefs cook the food fresh, and applying many Mongolian themes to the restaurant allowed the company to stay afloat in the very competitive restaurant industry. The London location of the Mongolian Grill has been very popular, so the company wants to open up a second location in Waterloo to allow the company to further grow. Problem Statement Although the London location of the Mongolian Grill was very popular,…show more content…
Customers 10 years ago would have been ok with the typical restaurant format. But as the late 90’s rolled around, customers began to want more from their dining experiences. A night out at the local restaurant was no longer just a meal. Customers wanted great food, great entertainment, and something different than what they were used to. Traditional restaurants began to suffer as people were bored of just getting a simple meal. These restaurants were forced to change to a more unique format. Those that did not change struggled to maintain operations, with some even shutting down. Not only did customers need something fresh and new, they also needed value to be maintained. People were very demanding and specific of their choice of…show more content…
As a Mongolian themed restaurant, they have been able to offer customers quality food at a pretty good price. The company uses fresh ingredients and food is prepared right in front of the customers eyes. Quality is very important for the company, and they are currently doing a pretty good job of serving high quality fresh food to customers. Service is also very important for the Mongolian grill. Service at the Mongolian grill is like a double-edged sword. It is good, while also being very bad. Customers are treated to a very unique experience as they are able to be a part of the cooking process. They watch as the food they bring the cooks get transformed into delicious meals by the cooks authentic “Mongolian cooking sticks.” It is a very immersive style of serving customers that is a factor that keeps customers coming back time and time again. It does however have one major drawback – wait times. Customers that visit during the week will often wait around for their food for 21 minutes throughout their dinner. People that visit on the weekends will wait an astounding 43 minutes. This is a major drawback for customers, as they wait for much less time at other restaurants. The price of 11.95 set before tax for an all you can eat type restaurant is very good for customers, and an average bill price of $15.00 is quite low. A profit margin of 50% is acceptable for the company as well. The

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