John F Kennedy Ethical Leaders

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“Keep true. Never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right, and stick to it.”– George Eliot (“Art quotes”, n.d). This is a quote that has played out in my head as we learned what it was to be a visionary and ethical leader. John F. Kennedy was one of those visionary leaders who concentrated on ethical issues that he believed were right and he stuck to his decisions. His desire and passion for the people was very apparent during his 34 months as our 35th president of the United States. I believe John F. Kennedy was not only an extremely visionary leader, but also a truly ethical leader who profoundly impacted the good of the American people. John F. Kennedy showcased many qualities as a leader for our great country.…show more content…
Kennedy gave many ethical contributions during his short time as our president. He was extremely charismatic and passionate about his country and the people, all the people. According to the Thomas N. Barnes Center (2014b) an “Ethical Leader is someone who acts in ways that are consistent with societal moral values. The ethics of our decisions and actions are defined societally, not individually.” (p. 3) John F. Kennedy believed that the American people deserved the best and all his actions were for the good of the people. The two distinct accounts that stood out to me were his contributions to the Peace Corps and his efforts to help end racial discrimination. According to “John F. Kennedy created the Peace Corps by executive order in 1961. By the end of the century, Kennedy had created over 170,000 Peace Corps volunteers in over 135 countries around the world. This organization is still alive today and is responsible for sending thousands of American volunteers around the globe to help out the needy and less fortunate.” (“John F. Kennedy biography”, n.d. para 19) You could say John F. Kennedy was developing others like we have learned during Course 14 and in our Advanced Leadership Experience. He was moving a nation to the right side of the continuum advancing the good of the American people. Another ethical leadership contribution I saw that was significant was helping end racial discrimination. John F. Kennedy saw diversity among the…show more content…
Kennedy’s determination and honesty when it came to stating his visions. So many times as leaders we put things out there that we want accomplished but never see them through. A lot of people probably thought John F. Kennedy was a little crazy for even thinking we could a put a man on the moon. He stuck to his vision, and the American people brought it to reality. I know personally there have been many instances where I put forth an idea or vision to my Airmen, but failed to see it through. I get caught up in the daily grind and what was important yesterday may not be as important the next day. John F. Kennedy was phenomenal in the stance that he put forth these visions and ensured they were followed through. Even after his tragic assassination the American people saw to it that his vision was met. When it comes to being an ethical leader, I can also learn from John F. Kennedy. His dedication to the American people and his to desire to make the world a better place is something I can value. He focused on the issues he saw important. Although I feel I am already an ethical leader there are some areas I could improve on. We learned that a part of being an ethical leader is to be fair. Even though I do feel I do a good job at developing some of my Airmen I do believe I could take more time and develop more of my Airmen. The ones that need it the most are the ones that I am quite honestly failing

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