The Little Mermaid Hoarding Disorder

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“The Little Mermaid”, is a story of an astonishing beautiful but yet very lonely mermaid who longs to be human. The Walt Disney Musical Fantasy Film was released in 1989 and entails a story of beauty, love, betrayal and evil. The box office hit brought in eighty four million during initial release and is now totaling twenty four million dollars total sales. The main character, Ariel, shows her true colors from the beginning of the movie. Her sisters have planned a musical act to display Ariel’s enchanting voice for their father, King Triton but Ariel has other plans. She and her fish friend, Flounder were gathering human items from a ship wreck. Ariel was a collector of these items, although most she knew very little or anything at all about.…show more content…
In exchange for becoming human, Ariel would have to give Ursula her voice and if she did not receive the kiss of true love, she would turn back into mermaid form and belong to the sea witch for all eternity. It was a price she was willing to pay. Since she had lost everything and was in great distress, she feels like this is her only choice to gain back her happiness. This is a common feeling with people diagnosed with a Hoarding disorder. Due to the stress and anxiety of losing or letting go of certain things, she will do whatever it takes to not experience those horrible feelings again. Ariel, now with new legs and of human form is carried to shore by Flounder and Sebastian and is soon found by Prince Eric. She tries to speak but suddenly realizes the price she has paid for her legs. Since she has no voice, Prince Eric is saddened by the thought it was not the women he was searching for. Prince Eric, along with his staff, just assumed Ariel to be a mute from a…show more content…
He alerts Ariel of this news immediately and they put a plan in action. They will do anything in their power to stop the wedding. They recruit other sea animals to assist. In the midst of the chaos, Sebastian notifies King Triton of the events. With the help of all the other different sea animals, the wedding is crashed and the pendent holding Ariel’s voice is torn from Ursula’s neck. Ariel’s voice is returned and Eric finally sees the true love he has been searching for. As they begin to kiss, the sun sets and Ariel is once again a mermaid but now belongs to

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