Qdoba Mexican Grill Analysis

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Qdoba Mexican Grill is personally my favorite place to get food and never seems to disappoint me when I’m hungry. Not only is it my favorite place to eat, but it is also a very well structured company. In this paper I will take a look at Qdoba’s history, their stock, what its like to own a franchise, who there main competitor is, and why I love to go there. Qdoba has done very well as a company and has many people who love their food. Qdoba Mexican Grill is a restaurant that costumers order by selecting an entrée then choosing its ingredients. All of the items are made in plain view of the buyer and are made with fresh foods. Anthony Miller and his partner Robert Hauser are the founders of Qdoba Mexican Grill. They opened their first restaurant in Colorado back in 1995 and it was an instant success. The location was a success with first year revenues exceeding…show more content…
There are also three Qdobas in Canada; the first Canadian Qdoba opened its doors in Dec. 2012 in Brandon, Manitoba. A second location was opened in London, Ontario 3 months later. A third location opened its doors in Winnipeg in 2014. Jack in the Box had bought Qdoba in 2003 and now sells franchises across the United States and Canada. In order to own a franchise you need to have a net worth between $750,000-$2,000,000. You also have to have $250,000-$500,000 on liquid cash available. If you would like to be a franchisee you will have to invest roughly $623,100 to $815,000, your franchise fee is $30,000, and an ongoing royalty of 5%. When you become a franchise owner you are also subjected to a 10-year agreement that can be renewed. According to Franchising 500 Qdoba Mexican Grill is ranked 103 on their list of best franchises to own. This statement shows that investing in Qdoba is a good thing to do and tends to have good

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