The Basis Of The Film: Modern Family

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The series Modern Family premiered in the fall of 2009 on ABC Family. It was a television comedic, mock documentary that followed the lives of three interrelated families. This television series has direct links to the argument made by critical theorists. Critical theorists claim that the media shapes our perceived reality and reinforces the status quo that has been enforced. It encourages the audience to see the media as the reality and thus encourage actions from the media to be played out in real life. This takes a different turn when discussing the Modern Family television show. Modern Family appears to have exactly what the title states. It showcase diversity through the homosexual and non-Caucasian characters, but this is problematic. Modern Family follows the critical theorist assumption regarding social norms and persuading the audience to believe that everything showcased is what is normal in society. By providing specific examples from the television show and outside readings, this essay will prove that Modern Family shows us how we should perceive the groups represented versus how they actually are. Critical theory will help support this argument.…show more content…
The head of the family is Jay Pritchett who has two older children, Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett. Jay recently married Gloria who is Colombian; Gloria has a son named Manny who is biracial. Jay's daughter, Claire seems to have the typical homemaker life and is married to a man named Phil Dunphy who is a real-estate agent. They have three children Haley, Alex and Luke. The other child of Jay is Mitchell. He is gay and married to his life long love, Cameron. The couple has recently adopted Lily, who is a one year old, girl from

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