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NSA vs the People, the injustices of online surveillance The National Security Agency’s exclusive monitoring of the United States citizens’ cyber whereabouts is completely ineffective against modern day cyber criminals, violates the Bill of Rights, and endangers the lives of the country’s citizens. In response to the “big brother’s” breach in the law of the land, “tech savvy” individuals began to search for outlets with no watchful eyes over their shoulders. As the Agency continued to intrude on the seclusion of the people online, a feud was born. Today, the fight for online anonymity is still on, with more and more people beginning to use routers like Tor and Tails to be able to browse through cat videos in the solitude of their own home.…show more content…
Well thanks to the PRISM program, the data is taken from servers from at least nine major American internet companies, including Google and Microsoft. Not only do they read and store this sensitive material, they post it to social media. The NSA PRISM Twitter page uses a “bot” to periodically post its spoils of these companies. Yet, with this massive amount of data collected daily, the NSA has not stopped or prevented a terrorist attack. In fact, not one arrest has been made to this day by this Security Agency. If anything, this group of nosy individuals has led to the creations of online breeding pools for unspeakable horrors. After the free license release of Tor in 2004, the EFF took it and ran with it, creating the unmonitored web browser used today. This created a router with total anonymity, and an opportunity for Drug Dealers, Human Trafficking, Hitmen, and Child Pornography. The server meant for private space and identity protection is now known only for being the gateway into the “Deep Web,” where there is no enforcement to stop illegal activities such as buying drugs or viewing extremely illicit material. Despite this, the Government has only been able to shut down a handful of major of Deep Web sites through a flaw in the program, and continue to dump millions of dollars on algorithms to filter through people being watched who could one day be a

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