Misconception Black Women

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I love dolls! Do you love dolls? Being a woman of color, I was amazed at how far the Black Barbie had come. However, there are always two side to every story, concept or invention. The Black Barbie is no exception to the rule. The perception that Black women ought to look a certain way has taken a toll on her body and mind. She is obsessed with the fact her hair has to look a particular way, along with her nails and overall appearance. It paints a perfect picture of what society thinks is the best look for a woman of color, or for any woman really. The media certainly has a part in this betrayal. Nonetheless, let's take a look at the infamous Black Barbie doll and her role in this misconception. The first Black Barbie had dark…show more content…
Having said that, the Black woman is normally depicted for having kinky hair and plenty of booty and hips, however, that did not fit Barbie's mold. Christie underwent “plastic surgery” during 1978. There was much controversy over this decision to remake the Black doll to fit the White role. No doubt, this brought about some resentment among the races of female proportions. Black women just did not look like Barbie and they, as well as some White women, were upset over the change and conception. It was suggested that the design of the White Barbie was indeed a preoccupation or an obsession based on someone's idea of what an acceptable or desirable woman should look…show more content…
tall, slender, classy, high maintenance, and beautiful. To top it off, Barbie has plenty of money. Some believe that she is a model for what an independent woman looks like. Others look to Barbie as being the “thirsty” freaky female meaning, she is only looking for the come-up. Trampling over a man and his emotions to get to his bank account is not a new idea, however, it has made its way into Barbie's World. The Black Barbie supposedly portrays the Black woman who is in search of a man with lots of mullah. This is the whole idea behind maintaining her looks and a certain lifestyle. She wants the lavish lifestyle of living in the condo, a luxury sports car, a black card... plus a good looking trophy (man) on her arm. At the same time, the Ken doll has transformed and has plenty of friends. These dolls are amazing life like creatures. As you may know, Ken is White Barbie's long time

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