Abuse In Slavery

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Slavery is a very strong aspect in southern culture. It is typical for physical abuse to be endured during slavery, however many women endured far worse. What factors contributed to the continuation of sexual abuse in southern colonies? The factors that fuelled the continuation of sexual abuse within southern colonies;were the misconception of black women ,the emotional and physical consequences they faced as well as a great amount of unfair treatment in order to gain profit. Black women experienced many additional hardships within slavery, They were viewed as as an object of lust and as sexual property to their masters and were severely taken advantage of. Female slaves were viewed as highly sexual animals , their African customs led…show more content…
wives of plantation owners typically channeled their anger physically towards the slave he was sexually abusing.an example of this type of brutality is shown within"Maria was a thirteen-year-old house servant. One day, receiving no response to her call, the mistress began searching the house for her. Finally, she opened the parlor door, and there was the child with her master. The master ran out of the room, mounted his horse and rode off to escape, 'though well he knew that [his wife's] full fury would fall upon the young head of his victim.' The mistress beat the child and locked her up in a smokehouse. For two weeks the girl was constantly whipped. Some of the elderly servants attempted to plead with the mistress on Maria's behalf, and even hinted that 'it was mass'r that was to blame.' The mistress's reply was typical: 'She'll know better in the future. After I've done with her, she'll never do the like again, through ignorance'" . Mistresses often severely beat abused slaves due to the fact that white southern women were not given a lot of power however , over slaves they had complete power ,this caused a great amount of excessive brutality towards slaves because of the anger mistress held over their husband's indiscretions. Southern culture allowed slavery to continue through household brutality…show more content…
profit was an important part of slavery , without profit plantations would fail ,plantation owners relied on the use of sex trade, slave trade to keep plantation profits high. The continuation of sexual abuse continued due to the fact that slave population was low and a profit could be made off of selling slaves into sexual slavery

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