Scapegoation Vs Black Death Essay

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From The Monsters are due on Maple Street from The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling once said, “Prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own” (Lofficier 14). Rod Serling’s final message tells the audience that when disaster strikes within a community, people will panic and demand answers. As a result, they will always find someone to blame. The use of scapegoating isn’t a new concept in history, whether it was the Jewish people for Germanys own downfall, or people of Muslim faith for 9/11. The same lesson can be applied to the Salem Witch Trials and the Black Death. Although the Salem Witch Trials and the Black Death differ in the number of deaths, they’re similar because both events involved the use of religion and scapegoating as people searched for answers.…show more content…
Witch hunting and the bubonic plague have both existed throughout history, and even exists till this day. The first known pandemic of the bubonic plague was “The Plague of Justinine”, and is believed “to have originated in Egypt in 541 C.E.” (“Bubonic Plague”). The “city of Constantinople” (“Bubonic Plague”) acquired the disease from rats with fleas that were on the grain ships that traveled from Egypt to Justinine (“Bubonic Plague”). The Plague of Justinine ended in 542 C.E., but the spread of the bubonic plague continued until 770 C.E (“Bubonic Plague”). A man by the name of Procopius documented the Plague of Justinine and said the number of deaths were “10,000 per day”, although historians consider this number to be exaggerated (Horgan). In addition to the Plague of Justinine, an outbreak of the bubonic plague appeared in Madagascar in 2014, and has since claimed a total of 71 lives

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