Black Hair Informative Speech

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Black Hair Purpose: To expose common misconceptions about black hair within mainstream and big media along with society as well. Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the characteristics and composition of black hair, the reasoning behind hairstyles (braids, wigs, weave, etc.) and explore the differences between black hair and the hair of other races and ethnicities Central Idea: Black hair has been negatively portrayed within society. Many people of all races (black people included) lack understanding as to what makes our hair different and that there are different hair textures across the board not everyone has thick kinky hair. Some individuals have fine curly hair; everyone is different. Black Feminism Purpose: To discuss why…show more content…
* Black feminism = a school of thought which argue that sexism, class oppression, and racism are inextricably bound together. The way these relate to each other is called intersectionality Carcinogen –filled body products / Natural body products Purpose: To reveal the harmful properties of many beauty and body products and how more public and consumer awareness is leading to the creation of "natural" products that eliminate these harsh chemicals. Specific Purpose: To inform audience about common synthetic materials and chemicals placed in body products and how they are harmful to human development and health, and to provide them with safer alternatives. Central Idea: Many products that we use on a daily basis contain harmful ingredients that can cause damage, but there are safe alternatives available to the public The Art Hoe

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