Limitations Of The Ndsap Essay

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The NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) and commonly known as the Nazi Party in 1932 was gaining more votes from women than men, Hitler stated ‘we gained more women than all the other parties together.’ While this is a gross exaggeration there was a shift in the electorate as the party were gaining more votes from women than men. This was due to the party mobilizing women’s vote using various propaganda notably posters. Although, with the support of women came the rise of Hitler as with this new found electorate as ‘he came to power through women’ and thus released and implemented various social policies that affected women’s lives. Hitler being an outspoken traditionalist and anti-feminist leader succeeded in enforcing gender norms and the majority of his social policies were aimed at women. The NSDAP…show more content…
The Nazi regime and Hitler disapproved of women in the work force thus set up policies to prevent them from engaging in mass employment but ‘notwithstanding all the appeals and entreaties of propaganda, women were taking up paid employment in increasing numbers and ever more frequently they opted for jobs outside agriculture and domestic service’ . This shows that while the NSDAP were trying to enforce social policies onto women to get them out of the workforce they didn’t have as much of an impact as women were still able to work in public sectors. This is illustrated by the overall percentage of women in work had grown from 34.4 per cent in 1933 to 36.7 per cent in 1939 . This shows that the social policies of the NSDAP did not impact the lives of women totally and more importantly in the work place. Jill Stephenson also cites this as a limitation to the impact NSADP social policies had on women stating that ‘those with a husband, father or brother in the party often worked for their local NSDAP branch without joining’

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