Migration Trends In America

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Indeed, there have been various migration trends in America, however I think that the Mexican migration trend is one that mostly stands out. In order to analyze and understand the immigration process, I will be discussing and using the Neoclassical Economics Theory, the Labour Market Theory, the Historical Structural Theory, and as well as the Social Capital Theory. These four theories, I believe, are essential as they provide a solid understanding and reasoning for the migration trend. According to the Neoclassical Economics Theory, this migration trend is due to various factors. Firstly, it is mainly due to differences in the wages between Mexico and America. Having lived in America myself, for 8 years, I know that the minimum wage varies…show more content…
America is a well-developed country, meaning that its economy requires high and lower skilled labour in order to function. Mexico can provide lower skilled labour, which is also good for America. This means that America is a receiving country, which is why it is providing a pull factor, whilst Mexico is the sending country, providing push factors. For example, America has many jobs that require low skilled workers, such as cleaners, cashiers, receptionists, etc. This is all possible due to America vastly growing economy, which allowed for various job opportunities, and in this case needing many low skilled labour workers in order to function and continue its economic prosperity. This illustrates that this migration trend is not only popular because it’s better for the immigrants, but also because without the immigrants, America wouldn’t be able to support the country as it is today. Furthermore, the differential in wage also comes into affect here because when comparing the jobs and the amount Mexico and America would pay, the difference is nearly double. This is significant as it shows once again that the migration to America was encouraged as the people wouldn’t have to work harder, and perhaps could do easier or the same work for higher pay, which means that from their perspective will give them a brighter…show more content…
In today’s society, from a global perspective, it can be said that the political and economic power is corrupt in some places, which causes a migration to occur. For example, if there is corruption in a state, with an unstable economy, and the majority of the population is unsatisfied with their living conditions, it is highly likely that a movement of some or most of the population will happen. This is true especially in some cases where if the particular group of people also see a better life in another place. In this case, it can be said that Mexico has a corrupt or, one may say, unequal distribution of political and economic power. In Mexico, currently, due to lack of economic prosperity and corrupt political power, caused a movement of some of the population, as they sought a better life. One of the reasons the movement occurred was because they saw a much better life for themselves in a nearby country, which in this case is America, and further encouraged the migration trend of America. America had and currently has a stable political and economic status, some say, and with an already familiar community established for the Mexicans, the thought of having a brighter future also further increased the migration trend into

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