Reflection Of A Career Experience In Raj Plastic Industries

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CAREER EPISODE ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION Company: Raj Plastic Industries Location: Kathwada, Ahmedabad. Duration: 1 Year, 5 months & 25 Days Position: Production Engineer. After completing my bachelor degree and having worked in Raj Plastic Industries, it was a good opportunity for me to gain knowledge from such a good organization. This career episode spanned over a period beginning from 30st June 2005 to 15th Nov 2010. During this period I was employed by Raj Plastic Industries as a Production Engineer. Raj Plastic Industries is a leading manufacturing of Plastic molded control valve used in a drip irrigation system and major supplier to various Indian drip irrigation companies. The Raj Plastic industries have employed about 200 people. 1.2 BACKGROUND Raj plastic industries is manufacturing…show more content…
They were used to analyze, plan vs actual target achieved. a) Day wise production report. b) Day wise Valve Testing Report. 1.4 SUMMARY During this carrier episode I learnt how to implement professionalism on the job. This career episode was my first experience. I learnt a lot from this career episode. I learnt different types of men management systems, Human psychology, work plan and different types of processes. I learned about injection molding process parameter performed during production. I learned how to calculate productivity and production rate based on production report maintained. Most importantly, I also experienced a different work culture here. I met very highly skilled and talented people who shared their Knowledge and experience with me. I learnt how to keep a cool head in a panic and tricky situations and maintain composure to take the right decisions as per the situations. I learned the managerial skills from my manager. On the whole I could strengthen myself with in-depth technical skills carved with top management skills and added professionalism in my

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