Importance Of Knowledge: The Key Things To Know About Hospitals

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Knowledge: What are the key things to "know" about each of the 3 systems discussed? The key things to know about hospitals are that they are designed for short term acute curing and treatment. They are the “center of the health care system and for that reason they have helped to improve health status in the United States” (Williams & Torrens, 2008, p. 183-4). Hospitals exist for physicians to send their patients when additional inpatient or emergency care is required. Lastly, it is important to know that hospitals as we know them now are becoming extinct. The need is shifting to outpatient ambulatory care for procedures physicians once admitted the patient into the hospital to perform. The ability for outpatient/same day surgeries (because new technology) made overnight recovery unnecessary and altered the reimbursement while contributing to underutilization of traditional hospital facilities that historically proved lucrative for the hospital business. This trend of “migration overtime will see an increase in services previously treated as an inpatient now treated as an outpatient service” (Vesely, 2014, p.22).…show more content…
Just as they their numbers dwindle hospital stake holders along with administration are strategizing on unique and different ways to keep the doors open by seeking alternative revenue streams; opposed to the other of closing which could be detrimental not only to future patients but to the community as a whole. The economic impact of a” hospital leaving a community is greater than just not having access to care it also influences annually as many as 195 jobs and $8.4 million in wages and salaries and benefits from [critical access hospital] operations” (Doeksen, St. Clair & Eilrich, 2012, p.

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