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The dry, windy condition of the “Dust Bowl” turned the once fertile topsoil into dust. However the dust bowl was the culmination of an event that was bound to occur, American farmers had been making mistakes in their original agricultural methods. Farmers at the time were not familiar with crop rotation so as to not exhaust the soil also farmers weren’t aware of the consequences that came with growing wheat, the wheat stripped the soil of natural grasses and without these natural grasses the soil was vulnerable to wind erosion. Additionally whatever natural grass they had left the nutrients where drained by livestock in the area since they fed off of it and lived on it. Steinbeck witnessed the migration of thousands of immigrants moving west in order to escape the black blizzards, these black blizzard as they were called(or black rollers)occurred when the wind picked up the sand and dirt carrying it into the air as high as six feet tall leading to the burial of…show more content…
The Depression took place eight months into Hoover’s term even though the root of the problem was due to the policies of his predecessors. However Hoover was insensitive to the suffering of millions of US citizens and failed to see the severity of the situation. Hoover believed that US citizens were the ones to blame since they had created the problem for themselves. His failure to attend the problems at hand led to his unpopularity and loss in the election of 1932 against democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt. After Roosevelt’s election as president he enacted the New Deal which was basically a plan put together by Roosevelt which consisted of multiple domestic programs that would lead America out of the depression or at least alleviate the severity of the Depression and better the lives of Americans economically.(elaborate on New Deal, look at time

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