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Dean Winchester Dean Winchester is not someone to mess with, especially if you give him the thought you would harm his little brother. Dean is a character on the show Supernatural, where two brothers are crisscrossing the country protecting people from all things evil. The brothers have a famous saying, "saving people, hunting things, the family business" ("Wendigo"). Dean has had a very tragic life, but he still makes the most of it, even though he has many downfalls, his biggest being his little brother Sam. Dean Winchester was born on January 24, 1979 to Mary and John Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. Then, four years later on May 2, 1983 his brother, Sam Winchester was born. On the night Sam was six months old, the “Yellow-eyed Demon”…show more content…
A Shtriga being a type of witch that feeds off children’s lifeforce. Although you learn the Shtriga is not a new visitor to the Winchesters, Dean has dealt with one before having flashbacks to the night when it came to visit Sam when they were little. Young Dean had gone stir crazy in the tiny motel room they were staying in and left Sam sleeping while he went to the arcade down the street. The Shtriga saw his window of opportunity and attacked Sam. Dean walked in on the monster when it began to steal Sam’s lifeforce. Being the age that he was, Dean still picked up the shotgun and aimed, but he could not fire. At the last second John ran into the motel room and saved his son but not without the monster getting away. This left the present day Dean and Sam to kill the same monster that had haunted Dean’s dreams for years (“Something Wicked”). The next glimpse you see is when Dean is 12 and Sam is 8, Sam starts to question Dean about their lives. Sam finds John’s journal and reads about the supernatural beings in there. Sam then further questions Dean and finally he tells Sam they have, “the coolest dad in the world.” Sadly, that same day happens to be Christmas and John never shows. Dean steals presents from a house down the street from their motel for Sam. Sam gives Dean his present that was originally supposed to go to their father (“A Very Supernatural

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