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The 1920’s in the United States became globally known as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, due to the prosperity and economic growth the country had in all segments of work and trade. This economic growth was also known as the ‘boom’, and led to an impact of national and global scale, thus showing its significance. The significance of the roaring twenties can be assessed by thoroughly looking at all factors involved and deeming whether the Roaring Twenties made a global impact and to what extent it did. These factors include the impacts of World War I, Minorities, Gangsters and important factors like the Wall Street crash. Only after close analysis of each factor can the significance of the roaring twenties be established. Changes brought by World…show more content…
This led to a growing amount of confidence in agriculture and industry by Americans throughout the 1800’s and through the early 1900’s. During the First World War, the Americans did their best to avoid military interference, and this greatly impacted the industrial sector of the country. Since the Germans where so heavily involved, their chemical industry halted and the American one boomed. Additionally, American exports to European colonial powers increased [Walsh 187] during the war. The war brought great advancements in airplane technology. In 1918, there were virtually no civilian airplane airlines [Walsh 274], a number that increased to around 160,000 flights per year in 1930.These advancements in exports and airplane technology certainly contributed towards the boom and the idea of the roaring twenties, since they certainly led to economic and technological growth. These factors certainly contributed to the significance of the Roaring Twenties, since they impacted the economy on a national and global scale. Economic policies of Republican government and impact on…show more content…
Although, up until the mid-1920s, women led extremely restricted lives, where the day-to-day life would consist of a traditional housewife role. The First World War in 1917 led to an increased amount of women in the work field. Some Women now worked in industry, giving them abilities that allowed them to earn money and make savings for the first time. Furthermore, in all states in America, women could vote for President and Government (August 1920); Women were progressing towards equality. The industrial growth of the 20s led to an increase of electronic goods that facilitated domestic work once done by women like vacuums and washing machines. Since women were now more involved in all sections of social matters, their roles in society were now eased; Women were seen kissing in public and drinking alcohol in bars with men [Walsh 284].In fact, Women were adopting extremely extravagant and daring lifestyles. They wore short skirts and enjoyed themselves in bars. They became known as Flappers, and generated a lot of hatred from more rural, conservative Women. Women weren’t the only ones who benefitted from the new attitude America was having. African Americans and Native Americans also partially benefitted. Some universities were now dedicated only to previously excluded African

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