Mental Health Stress Case Study Essay

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Case Study Pardeep Kaur Gill HMSV 3301- Mental Health in Workplace Jerri Chugg 1.Introduction of Mental Distress Individual with mental distress can encounter issues in way they think, feel or act. Their thinking, feeling and behave is completely turned inside out. The altogether interferes in the individual daily life activities, their relationships with other people and enjoyment of life. 2. Signs of mental health distress was Sarah exhibiting After watching this video clip, I assessed that Sarah is feeling exhausted, sad and have a problem of distraction from work. She is unable to do her work with full concentration and easy got irritated when anyone ask her something. She is experiencing insomnia and did not take proper…show more content…
He is not asking about her personal life matters, but he consoles Sarah and set free her to explore out her feelings. He creates comfort environment during conversation that will help Sarah relaxed. Moreover, he asks from Sarah about her work and performing tasks and try to know about the any problem related work and tell her that if she is suffering from workload than he will provide help in her reduction of workload. In addition, he also advises her to make an appointment with employee assistance counsellor that will help her to overcome stress and make her life free from worries by…show more content…
I will make a trusty relationship with her tell her that it is confidential among us. I will try to my best in providing such kind of interventions that will help her to free from trouble and make her life stress free and increase in productivity of work. I think that to gain a trust of somebody is best approach in helping them in problems of life. Without trust nobody wants to explore and tell about their problems. Additionally, empathetic approach will help in engaging of her and help her to less in

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