Structural Family Therapy Paper

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This module was quite interesting for me. It was mixed with new ideas, theories and different work styles. I must admit I found the discussions a bit puzzling at times, making me question myself about any post I shared with my classmates. The therapeutic module I felt most aligned with would definitely be Structural Family therapy. This therapeutic module was developed by Salvador Minuchin. Salvador is a family therapist who was born in Argentina in 1921. His method of psychotherapy addresses problems within a family by charting out the relationships with one another to help them interact with each other. Our behaviors are a function of our relationships with others. The therapist focuses on what is taking place among people, rather than on the individual’s troubles. The therapist maps the family’s core structure such as (boundaries, hierarchy and subsystems.) It is very important for the therapist to ask everyone for a description of the problem occurring, this way he or she can have a better opportunity to observe and restructure family dynamics. Communication content should always be tracked during sessions with the patients. I personally think that Structural Family therapy is very efficient because it engages families from the first session while…show more content…
Salvador Minuchin theorized that an individual’s symptoms were a result of the dysfunctional family system they belonged in. He also identified hidden hierarchies and relationships within the family that lead to the dysfunction of the individual and how he or she reacts to the problem. The process of therapy for Structural Family therapy is very different from Strategic Family Therapy because the therapist can move family members physically, or introduce elements, such as one-way mirrors, to enhance the therapeutic process for the

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